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Top 10 Tips To Prepare Yourself For A Job Interview

You have a job interview and so maybe a new job soon. You ‘just need to make sure’ that you make a phenomenal impression on your soon-to-be employer. How? We have put together our top 10 tips for you. Good luck with them! And if you like us to share our thoughts with you, regarding…

Posted by Natascha Brouns

Starting over: from the Middle-East to the Netherlands

Written by: Raghda Saeed during her Work/Language Internship All that was on my mind during my last year at university in Syria was finishing school and jumping into life. I had so much energy and enthusiasm and was really looking forward to put my dreams and plans into action. To grow the seeds of my…

Posted by Tom Benders

Messi also practices daily

Okay, we’re going to continue where my last story ended. The search has started for the right candidate, who we found and convinced to take a meeting. How? For that, you need to take a peek at my previous blog. For now, no time to waste because we need to get the candidate to the hiring…

Posted by Roel Broods

Time flies by

After a summer full of parties, good food and a tropical holiday to the South of Spain I start my internship full of fresh energy. I am a practical person, and therefore I am eager to apply my knowledge about the communication profession in practice. After two years of theory, where I spent most of…

Posted by Nina Brugman
Vacancy Solution Sales Manager

How I ensure that my response rates always go through the roof

All of a sudden a lady contacted me who worked as a recruiter for a large international recruitment agency. She was in the process of setting up a completely new recruitment team, and she needed me for this. I was flattered by her interest, but why me, I wondered. The answer was simple. “We are…

Posted by Natascha Brouns

Every day is different with Decom’s recruitment traineeship

When Decom began the recruitment traineeship for promising starters in 2014, its aim was to set up its own recruitment centre and train the best recruiters itself. This represents a continuous investment in new people in order to sustain Decom’s strong growth. As the first trainees are currently in their final phase, this is a good…

Posted by Danny Poelen

How the new Decom house style came about

Decom, the cheerful specialist in the field of technology recruitment, was in need of a new branding and website. They consequently put together a team incorporating designers from Vruchtvlees and developers from Elephant. The new look was intended to express the expertise as well as the sociability of Decom. This was “a real dream team” according…

Posted by Tom Benders
daanvanmosesveld-goudengazelle-2014 frontpage

Third FD Gazelle for Decom shows sustainable growth

“The market is changing but we are as flexible as ever” Decom has received the FD Gazelle award again this year. The Venray business was named one of the fastest growing businesses in the Netherlands for the third year in succession. This prize also means that as defending champion Decom is in line for the…

Posted by Daan van Mosseveld

Recruitment is about people, not money

Although I earn a living through recruitment, it is not all about money. Recruitment is about people. And because I deal with different people every day, my work never becomes boring. That is what makes it such fun!

Posted by Fehim Nizam

In the clouds for the Gikeno Foundation

Together with a team from Decom we took on the fantastic challenge of climbing a serious three-thousander mountain! Written by: Nance van Bogaert

Posted by Tom Benders
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