Do you enjoy working in a diverse job where you can apply your technical engineering skills?

Decom Technology People is a recruitment agency for qualified specialists in Telecom, Energy and Infrastructure. Experts work on our behalf for leading clients in the Netherlands and abroad. Read here more about our jobs, such as: FTTH Engineer, Engineer overhead Systems Engineer IP.

What should you know about Engineering Jobs?


Engineers are engaged in designing, planning, calculating and controlling the implementation of technical projects. Engineering is a broad concept, for this there are many different types of jobs that are covered by this expertise. The vacancies at Decom specifically focused on the telecommunication- and energy infrastructure. These jobs are very different in terms of work. You can work independently or within a team, at home or in the field.

As an Engineer you carry a lot of responsibility and you know how to bring projects to a successful outcome. You can properly apply your specific technical knowledge that you have acquired during your training or experience. In addition, you are always aware of the latest technological developments in your field.

The qualities of an Engineer

Engineers usually have a specialization. At these vacancies it often happens that you are asked for specific knowledge of systems. Most Engineers had also completed a technical training, for example towards construction, electrical Engineering or mechanical Engineering. Depending on the function some jobs could require experience with specific software such as AutoCAD or certain important certificates required for the job.

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