Although I earn a living through recruitment, it is not all about money. Recruitment is about people. And because I deal with different people every day, my work never becomes boring. That is what makes it such fun!

In my opinion, a recruiter should not be shuffling CVs around, or throwing twenty CVs at a vacancy of which eighteen do not even come close to a match. A recruiter should not contact as many potential candidates as possible. There’s no added value in that nor is it the right way to share knowledge. That is not the way to open doors that were previously invisible. That is not the way to achieve a perfect match, which, of course, is the ultimate goal!

“75% of my work consists of listening”

I bring people together. A recruiter must try to find the right candidate through personal contact. Sincere interest is an important factor in this. I always say that 75% of my work consists of listening. It is all about understanding the market, knowing the clients and candidates, and discovering their wishes and ambitions. If you demonstrate a fundamental interest, minor errors are soon forgiven. I never hear people say: “That is why I no longer work with recruiters.”

My own personal opinion is usually irrelevant. A recruiter must have the courage to adopt a subordinate role. The only thing that matters to me as a recruiter is to find that perfect match between a business and a candidate. However, I can give advice on market developments to both clients and candidates. Recruiters soon learn to recognise trends and discover not only what is relevant now, but also what will be relevant in five years’ time.

“The only thing that matters to me as a recruiter is to find that perfect match between a business and a candidate”

Recruitment is my profession. I love it and I take it seriously. And yes, this is how I make a living. However, the essence of recruitment is not about money, it is about people.

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