9 practical recruitment marketing tips

“You’re fighting the white noise of thousands of other companies that publish daily (online) content.” A modern recruitment marketer has an incredible amount of possibilities, but also a number of pitfalls. Call me an optimist, but I think we are facing a very creative, innovative time in which marketers will use their potential to the…

Posted by Tom Benders
Vacancy Site Acquisition Health Coordinator

Recruiters, make sure you know more than your colleagues

All too often a recruiter sits across from a candidate with exclusively the information already provided in the job profile. This is a lost opportunity: candidates can read the job vacancy themselves! Read up beforehand and you’ll see that if you know even a little bit more than your fellow recruiters and sourcers, candidates will…

Posted by Danny Poelen
Vacancy BSS Solutions Architect

6 tips for a winning résumé

In the past year I have seen over 250 résumés. Since your résumé is the first thing a recruiter sees, it’s important to be remarkable in a positive way. Or at least not stand out in a negative way. Here are six tips for a winning résumé:

Posted by Genaud Solisa

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