Looking for a challenging Fiberglass job? We have new Fiberglass vacancies!

Decom Technology People is a recruitment agency for qualified specialists in Telecom, Energy and Infrastructure. Experts work on our behalf for leading clients in the Netherlands and abroad. Read here more about our Fiberglass jobs, such as Field Engineer, Fiber Optic Engineer or Planner.

What should you know about Fiberglass vacancies?


In the Telecom optical fiber is used to transmit signals via very clear optical glass. Within this domain the distinguishes is between different types of connectors, such as FTTH (Fiber to the Home), FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) and similar abbreviations. As with coax and DSL networks FTTH connections are often used for so-called triple play services (radio, television and digital telephony). There are many different types of fiber jobs that differ widely in terms of work. You can go build networks, manage projects or get to work in a data center.

The Qualities of a Fiberglass Professional

Fiber Engineer

It often happens that specific knowledge of systems will be asked at a vacancy. Most fiberglass professionals have completed a technical college or university education. And depending on the position you may work outdoor or indoor. Depending on the function, you need to have experience with software or certificates of interest, such as ORCA, NIM, GEOS or AutoCAD. And for other functions is the correct market knowledge and leadership experience important.

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