“You’re fighting the white noise of thousands of other companies that publish daily (online) content.”

A modern recruitment marketer has an incredible amount of possibilities, but also a number of pitfalls. Call me an optimist, but I think we are facing a very creative, innovative time in which marketers will use their potential to the fullest! These are my nine tips to start taking the lead in these modern times:

  1. Stand out with creativity

    Well thought-out, attractive designs and texts are essential to attract people. Many companies get lost in the white noise created by the overly similar styles of communication between competitors. Provide a fresh image and sound that’s distinctive! We found the perfect match in creative agency Vruchtvlees.

  2. Go for support #inboundmarketing

    Don’t only consider the information you want to provide your audience with, but also what information your target audience wants to find. This is a fundamental difference! As opposed to traditional sales and marketing techniques such as cold calling, e-mail and advertising, you can answer questions from your audience with inbound marketing. Don’t be afraid to be transparent and share information. The competition may read your articles, but so do their customers!

"Don’t only consider the information you want provide your audience with, but what information your target audience wants to find. This is a significant difference! "
  1. Test everything A/B

    Use A/B testing campaigns with a different variation each time to get to know candidates. Do you advertise with search engines and job boards, or do you focus on display advertising? Are candidates more likely to click on one of your articles or on one of your job vacancies? You can answer these questions with A/B testing and optimize your ads. Where to start? I highly recommend internet agency Elephant.

  1. Be careful with automating 

    Recruiters are often seen as machines that treat everyone as if they were robots. Go against the grain by treating candidates in the most personal way possible and by responding to all messages. Sincere involvement is key!

  1. Short-term solutions long-term effects

    I have mixed feelings about click bait, sign-up gates and remarketing campaigns.
    They can be very useful and effective, but they shouldn’t stand in the way of personal contact. Do you have similar pet peeves? Ask yourself whether you are guilty of these habits.

  1. Ambassadors? Your employees!

    A company always benefits from good ambassadors. Your company’s best ambassadors are your own employees. So make sure that the corporate culture is ingrained in your employees. Get the culture and values to come up even during the job interview. If your employees champion your company’s culture and values: that’s the best business card you can have.

"The best ambassadors of your company are your own employees”
  1. Be aware of your online presence

    Job seekers increasingly search online for employees of the company they apply at. This helps them form an image of the company culture and their future colleagues. So make sure that the whole team is aware of their online presence. Good to know: the higher the position, the more important the corporate culture.

  1. Time to shine on social media

    The number of followers on social media is important, but even more important is the quality of your followers and your image. Take a few minutes to look at your profile from a neutral perspective. Do the look and shared content reflect what you want to show? Stay true to yourself and show your strengths.

“Stay true to yourself and show your strengths.”
  1. Use analytics to assign value to each step

    Google Analytics Analytics offers great opportunities for recruitment marketers to use the source of prior visits in their analysis. By setting clear goals and adding UTM tags to your referral links, you can greatly improve the entire process!

Do you have any tips?

I look forward to reading them on LinkedIn of Twitter!

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