Account Manager Tom Prevoo received a rather specific request from Shields Environmental Services, a company that reuses telecom products in a sustainable way: “The managing director was looking for a specialist who could help with the construction of a completely new test environment.”

The company did not have the know-how yet to build such an environment themselves. It was a kind of pilot: “The plan was to build the environment in six weeks, and to check after four weeks whether it made sense to go through.” Given the short duration of the project, Tom had to find a specialist that would assert him- or herself immediately: “There was really no time for any orientation.”

"There was really no time for any orientation."
Vacancy Datacenter Implementation Manager

Tom put two recruiters on the case who specialize in ‘heavy weights’. After studying the job and customer needs, recruiters Jaap and Roel searched our databases. Using Decoms large (online) networks and databases, they were quickly able to find multiple suitable profiles.

Finally Cees den Boer proved the ideal candidate: “He had worked a lot with these techniques in Sweden and had launched similar test labs.” Cees had already worked for Decom before, when he was involved in setting up a 4G network. “I was called with this request and it sounded great to me!” he says. “They saw immediately that I’d done this trick before” He did not have to think long about taking the job: “I talked with the people at Decom in the new office in Venray. They were very welcoming, they don’t hold a sales pitch.”

Tom looks back with satisfaction on Cees proving to be exactly what Shield needed: “With his knowledge and experience he could indicate where specific problems would arise at that time. Someone with less experience might wait for the dust to settle, but Cees could start immediately.”

Since the job started, Cees has been in regular contact with Decom: “That’s what really makes it a special business. Someone from Decom who had just come back from vacation called me on my first day about what I thought about the new job. And I regularly receive e-mails or other messages. That’s nice.”

That commitment to employees is also important to the customer, says Tom: “A personality has to be right for the client.” Cees can confirm that: “It’s not just about the job, but also the people behind it. That, to me, is paramount.”

"A personality has to be right for the client.”
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